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The Binding of Macadamia

On Wednesday, March 20, Bee gave birth to her first litter. 5 kittens were born there. Surprise surprise, all five are females! The father of the kittens is Songaa.

The kittens are currently being evaluated for breeding, of which 1 or 2 will ultimately be chosen. The remaining 3-4 kittens will go to families on our waiting list.​



The kittens come from a very nice combination. The mother is third generation of our own breeding. The father comes from very beautiful New Foundation lines from France. This is an outcross combination as the clones are less than 20%.


Total inbreeding coefficient =  3,29% (0,113% in the last 10 generations)

Klonen = 16,3%

Top 5 = 38,8%

Top 3 = 29,7%

Top 2 = 20,7%

Binding of Macadamia groepsfoto

Magdalene of Macadamia


Nickname: Maggy

Gender: Female

Colour: MCO n 09 22  / Black tabby with white

Birth weight: 128 grams

Status: Under Evaluation

Lilith of Macadamia

Nickname: Lilly

Gender: Female

Colour: MCO n(s) 22  / Black tabby

Birth weight: 105 grams

Status: In option

Bethany of Macadamia


Nickname: Thany

Gender: Female

Color: MCO ns 09 22 / Black silver tabby with white

Birth weight: 108 grams

Status: Under evaluation

Eve of Macadamia

Nickname: Eve

Gender: Female

Color: MCO n(s) 09 22 / Black tabby with white

Birth weight: 115 grams

Status: In option

Eden of Macadamia

Nickname: Eden 


Gender: Female

Color: MCO ns 03 22 / Black silver tabby bicolour

Birth weight: 108 grams

Status:Under evaluation

Explanation status
  • Available: you can put an option on me or make reservations when you are certain.

  • In option: someone is interested and has some time to think about reserving me. You can still show your interest as I can become available again soon.

  • Reserved: I have found my new staff and I can move to my new home when I am old enough

  • In evaluation: I might got to stay with my mom or at another cattery. You can still show your interest as I can become available again soon.

  • Stays in the cattery: I got to stay with mom!

Voor more information and updates about this litter, you can check our Facebookpage.

Mama Bee

Bee is a wonderful caring mom. 
Bee comes from Dutch lines and part outcross lines, she is the third generation of our breeding.


Papa Songaa

Songaa is a social people-oriented male. He is very confident and easy going.

Songaa comes from France and is an F5 from new foundation lines.

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