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We are taking a long break and for now no new kittens will be born in our home. However, there are two young cats that live with a host family wonen who hopefully will have a litter this year. 

Mike (Kelainai or Macadamia) lives in Nijmegen and she will hopefully have a litter in early April. 

From 2023 we will work with a waiting list again. The waiting list for a kitten from the next litter is open (get in touch here).

Kelaina of Macadamia

Miko and Copper had a great time together. This duo turned out to be a real love couple and Copper still called and missed her days after she left. We are therefore very much looking forward to meeting these love babies!!

We want to thank Johan and Almar from cattery AsKháMo and of course also thank Lizzy and Ron for making this combination possible!

Colors kittens

Possible colors males:

- Black silver tabby with or without white / ns (09) 22 (75% chance)

- Black smoke with or without white / ns (09) (25% chance)

Possible colors females:

- Black silver torbie with or without white / fs (09) 22 (75% chance)

- Black smoke tortie with or without white / fs (09) (25% chance)

Pedigree kittens


Total inbreeding: 8.98% (0.155% over 10 generations)

Clones: 24.3%

Top5: 61.6%

Both parents have been tested for HCM/PKD via ultrasound, Hip Dysplasia, Patellar Luxation, Fiv/Felv and DNA.

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