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Upcoming litter


Yuki and Yser turned out to be a very good match and had a nice date together.

Yuki is Miko's sister, and the two sisters live together with host family Lizzy and Ron in Nijmegen. I almost gave up hope that Yser would ever become a father, after some dates with other cats in which he seemed to have no interest at all. He had a good connection with Yuki and now he is going to be a dad after all. Miracles do exist, and this upcoming litter is a gift that we are all really looking forward to. We expect the little ones in the second half of August 2024.

  • COI 6,69%,

  • Clones 21,5%

  • Top 5 51.6%

Colors kittens


Yuki wears solid, so there is a 50% chance that the kittens will be solid or tabby. The chance of whitespotted is also 50%. We don't know if Yser wears 1 or 2 copies of the silver allele. In case he has 1 silver allele, the kittens can also be without silver (25% chance), and black tabby (white) or solid black (white) are also possible. Yser carries dilution, but Yuki does not, so blue is not an option.

  • Black silver tabby (with or without white) - 37,5%-50%

  • Black smoke (with or without white) - 37,5%-50%

  • Black tabby (with or without white) - 0-12,5%

  • Black (with or without white) - 0-12,5%


Possible future combinations

Below are possible combination(s) that are planned for 2024, subject to Mother Nature and the cats' own will. When a pregnancy is confirmed we will add more information about the upcoming litter.

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