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Hattische goden nest

Totally Nuts

Our coons are crazy. Not a little crazy, no, they are completely crazy. That's exactly what makes them great fun. It's not that we specifically breed for them, but every time they turn out to be crazy as hell.

What we specifically breed for is the following:


Health is definitely number 1! Health in the broadest sense of the word, with attention to the following aspects:

  • Low inbreeding: By keeping the inbreeding coefficient lower than average, we prevent our kittens from developing hereditary diseases that cause autosomal recessive dyeing. They also have a greater chance of having a stronger immune system and have more options to fight diseases. Our kittens usually have a total inbreeding coefficient of less than 11%, and on average around 5%.

  • Fully tested parents: We have all our breeding animals repeatedly screened for heart disease by the best cardiologists in the Netherlands. We also test the breeding animals once for kidney abnormalities via ultrasound, as well as we test on Hip dysplasia, Patellar luxation and DNA testing. We also regularly perform Fiv/Felv checks and stool tests for parasites.

  • Responsible combinations: We try to minimize health risks in every combination by carefully sifting through the lines and choosing well-tested lines. It takes many hours before we make a plan.

  • Wellbeing of the cats: We keep our group of cats small in order to guarantee the well-being of the cats, keep the infection pressure low and give each animal the attention and care it needs. We keep a small group of cats at home in a stress-free environment. We also work with host families and enthusiasts who keep their pets available to us to achieve our breeding goals. All kittens grow up in a homely atmosphere.

  • Care: Our cats and kittens receive only the best brands of cat food and care. No expense is spared when it comes to health and care.


Our cats are close to nature and this is reflected in their character. They are often strong-willed, highly intelligent and very athletic with good hunting instincts. In addition, every individual has his or her own crazy traits. Some people lick their toes, others have strange sleeping positions and others always want to wash their visitors' hair.​

Original type​
  • We do not participate in unhealthy trends where the appearance is tinkered with in such a way that it no longer resembles the original Maine Coon. With us you will not see rabbit ears, monkey muzzles or strange characteristics that do not belong in the breed, such as dominant blue eyes. We breed real Maine Coons, close to nature and where the looks are as close as possible to the source in North America. ​

  • We occasionally show our cats, not so much for profit or competition, but to keep checking whether our cats meet the breed standard.

  • In addition to the low inbreeding cats that we largely breed, we occasionally add a show line of the original (American) type, in order to stay close to this type with our breeding program.

Cattery Macadamia is a "preservation breeder", which means that we are committed to protecting the breed. We strive to preserve the beautiful qualities of the breed, select healthy animals for breeding and stay close to nature. We also consciously think about genetics: genetic diversity and the loss of genes in every generation. We will not bring kittens into the world as nice pets, without any goal behind it, there are already enough cats for that. Each combination is well thought out and has an underlying purpose at the service of the breed to add a specific value, which is in line with the above points.

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