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NL* Bumblebee of Macadamia

Black classic tabby white
MCO n 09 22

Bee is a Black classic tabby with white female. She was born on July 4, 2022 with us in the Cattery. 


Bee is an easy going cat that is very tolerant, just like her mother. She loves to fetch and makes very cute noises while doing that. She is very social towards humans and animals. 


Bee was born in our cattery. Her mother is our own Karishma and the father is stud Steffie Kenzie from cattery Danavey. You can find more about this litter at the page of the Flying Spirit animals litter. Bee is named after Spirt animal Bumblebee, because of her pattern. She is the 3rd generation of our breeding and descends from her great-grandmother Neroli. We hope she will give us beautiful kittens in the future, just like her mother.


Bee does not carry dilution. She has 1 copy of whitespotted and she is homozygous agouti, so all her kittens will have a tabby pattern. 

Known genes: AA BB DD ii mcmc oo spsp tt ww

Test results:

This is a summary of Bee's test results. To view the full results, click the "Test Results" button below.

  • HCM-1 MyBPC3-1 DNA: N/N (mycatdna)

  • PKdef DNA: N/N (mycatdna)

  • SMA DNA: N/N (mycatdna)

  • HCM echo: following

  • PKD echo: following

  • Five: following

  • Felv: following 

  • HD: Left and right normal (August 18, 2023)

  • PL: Normal (August 11, 2023)

  • Blood group A, genotype N/b (mycatdna)












Bee has a high genetic diversity of 38%. Her genetic diversity is as high as the average domestic cat. High genetic diversity is conducive to healthy offspring with a strong immune system. Her full DNA profile can be viewed via her public mycatdna test results page.


  • Inbreeding: 6.31%

  • clones: 21.7%

  • Top 5: 53.8%

  • Top 3: 40.8%

  • Top 2: 28.3% 

Bee - gendiv.jpg
Bee 1 jaar

Bee 1 jaar

Bee 10,5 maanden

Bee 10,5 maanden

Bee 10,5 maanden

Bee 10,5 maanden

Bee 11 weken

Bee 11 weken

Bee 7 weken

Bee 7 weken

Bee 1 week oud

Bee 1 week oud

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