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Buy a kitten

Are you interested in a Macadamia kitten? Then you can read the most important basic information on this page.


Because vet costs and especially specialist care can cost a lot of money, we want our kittens to be optimally protected when unexpected high costs are required for medical care. As a result, we have decided to provide every kitten with insurance for a year from now on (only possible in the Netherlands).

What else comes with a kitten?

- the kitten's pedigree

- the kitten is chipped, dewormed, free of fleas

and 2x vaccinated and 2x checked on their health by the vet

- a European passport

- purchase contract, with 1 year warranty on hereditary diseases

- the test results of both parents

- photos and videos of the kitten from birth 

- kitten pack with toys and goodies  

- cat food for the first weeks

- advice on nutrition and care

- 1 year free insurance

- lifetime support

Age of moving

For proper socialization and upbringing, it is important that the kitten spends enough time with the mother. Even when the kittens are 10-14 weeks old, the mother still has an important task in raising the kitten. This reduces the risk of behavioral problems later in life. Our kittens therefore stay with us until they are at least 14 weeks old (or as much longer as necessary). We also have the kitten with us for at least a week after the 2nd vaccination to see if there is no vaccination reaction. Since a move can be stressful for the kitten, it is best not to plan it right after the vaccination. The resistance is then usually slightly lower. The kittens usually move between 14 and 16 weeks. 

Option on a kitten

We think it is important that a kitten matches well in terms of character with the new family and playmates and also in the living environment where the kitten ends up. To make a good match, it takes time to observe the character of the kitten. Kittens cannot be reserved before the age of 9 weeks, but you can take an option after which we will see together whether it is a right match. We ask patience from the enthusiasts, but we work very carefully so that you get the kitten that really suits you. After all, it is a choice that you will hopefully enjoy for 15 years! 

If you are interested in one of our kittens, please let us know via the contact form. We would like to receive detailed information about you, your family including other pets and your living situation.

When the kittens are big enough (from 8 weeks) you can visit our cattery to meet the kittens. Calmly see if there is a click with a kitten and with the breeder. When the kittens are old enough to reserve, you can take an option on a kitten. The lead time of an option is determined in mutual consultation. During this time, no one else can reserve your kitten and you can take your time to make a decision. Kittens that are in option or under evaluation may become available again. Please let us know if you are interested in a kitten with an option.

Reserve kitty

If you have taken a kitten to your heart, you have the option (if the kittens are old enough) to reserve the kitten. We don't ask for a down payment. After booking your kitten, you are of course welcome to visit your kitten before he or she moves to you.

Before we place a kitten in option or reservation, we always want to get acquainted first. Macadamia reserves the right to cancel a reservation in the interest of the kitten. Enthusiasts can always cancel free of charge prior to the move.

Kittens in evaluation

There may be kittens in evaluation. This means that the breeder needs time to decide whether the kitten will stay in the cattery. It is also possible that another breeder is interested and the kitten is being evaluated to see how it develops. A kitten may become available at a later time if we or the other breeder have made a final choice. Enthusiasts are then free to reserve this kitten.

Kitten care

You can contact us for questions about the care of the kitten. A Maine Coon cat needs different food and care than an HTK cat or other breed. Because a Maine Coon cat often lives indoors, some investment is also needed in toys, scratching posts and baskets so that the cat is entertained and feels happy. Taking care of a Maine Coon is not cheap. We sell our kittens to people who we trust can provide good care for the cat for the rest of its life.


Macadamia family

If you buy a kitten from us, you automatically become part of the Macadamia family. You can always contact us after purchase for questions and advice. Conversely, we also like to stay informed about the crooks. I like to stay involved with all my kittens. We have a facebook group for everyone who is part of the Macadamia family. There you can also see how your kitten's other family members are doing. 

Purchasing a breeding cat or stud

For breeders, other prices apply on request and there is a different purchase contract.

The breeder is expected to do all tests for hereditary diseases (at least repeated HCM ultrasound, HD, PL and if necessary DNA test) of the breeding cat itself and of the future partners and future offspring used for breeding. We would like to find the cat's test results in PawPeds. Publishing this information contributes to the collection of transparent information about the breed and allows everyone to monitor the health of the line.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them through the contact form. 

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