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Are you interested in a Macadamia kitten? Then you can read the answers to the most frequently asked questions on this page.


What comes with a kitten?
  • the kitten's pedigree

  • the kitten is chipped and the chip is registered by the breeder
    at the new address

  • the kitten is free of worms and fleas

  • the kitten has been vaccinated twice for Herpes, Calici
    and Cat Distemper

  • the vet checked the kitten twice
    on health, the findings are in the passport

  • a European passport

  • purchase contract, with 1 year warranty against
    hereditary diseases and breeding ban unless otherwise agreed

  • the test results of both parents

  • photos and videos of the kitten from birth to the date of moving

  • kitten package with fun toys and goodies

  • cat food for the first week

  • 1 month free insurance

  • advice on nutrition and care

  • membership "The Macadamia family" a special Facebook group for people who have a Macadamia kitten

  • lifelong support from the breeder​

At what age does a kitten move?

For good socialization and upbringing, it is important that the kitten spends enough time with its mother. Even when the kittens are 10-14 weeks old, the mother still has an important role in raising the kitten. This reduces the risk of behavioral problems later in life. Our kittens therefore stay with us until they are at least 14 weeks old (or as much longer as necessary). We also have the kitten with us for at least a week after the 2nd vaccination to see whether any vaccination reaction occurs. Since a move can be stressful for the kitten, it is better not to plan this immediately after the vaccination. The resistance is then usually slightly lower. The kittens usually move between 14 and 16 weeks. In most cases, the breeder is present during the move to reassure the kitten during this transition and also to see where the kitten will end up.

How do I qualify for a kitten?

Start by filling out the contact form and introduce yourself and your family. We would first like to get an idea of what kind of life you could offer a kitten, what the living environment is like and which other pets live there. If this seems like a good match to each other, the next step is a personal introduction at home in the cattery. If mutual trust is then expressed towards each other, you will officially be on the waiting list for the next litter or another litter of your choice. The waiting list is already compiled before a litter is born and even before a cat is pregnant. So don't wait too long to show your interest! You cannot get on the waiting list without having met in person first.

How does the waiting list work?

A litter is always planned with an underlying goal of adding value to the breed. We never plan a litter to bring kittens into the world solely for cat fanciers. For this reason, 1 or 2 kittens in each litter are always reserved from birth on the waiting list for Cattery Macadamia or a host family that supports the cattery in its breeding goals, or another breeder. This doesn't mean that for each litter 1-2 kittens will go into a breedingprogram, but it gives pressure-free time to see them develop and decide if any kitten will go into a breedingprogram.

The waiting list is determined per litter, with certain people being given priority over others. This is a guideline for determining how to fill the waiting list for an upcoming litter:

  1. Cattery Macadamia or a host family (1 kitten)

  2. Another breeder (this is not possible for every litter) (1 kitten)

  3. Cat fanciers who have moved on to the next litter and have been waiting longer

  4. Cat fanciers who have previously purchased a Macadamia kitten

  5. Cat fanciers who want two kittens from the same litter

  6. Cat fanciers who want one kitten


The waiting list usually closes 2 weeks before the birth, as no visitors are allowed after that untill the kittens are born and old enough to meet new visitors. This is to give the expectant mother cat some rest before the upcoming birth. If cat fanciers still show interest after the closure, they can no longer be placed on the waiting list. If more kittens are born than can be reserved by people on the waiting list, other interested parties can also have the opportunity to reserve a kitten.

How can I take an option on a kitten?

Within two weeks after the birth of a litter, families on the waiting list are contacted and asked if they would like an option for a kitten (or 2 kittens). If not enough kittens are born for all the people on the waiting list, the order will be determined according to the guideline in the previous paragraph. People who then lose the option are asked if they want to be on the waiting list for the next litter (where they are given priority over all other cat fanciers). They can also stay on the current waiting list in case if a kitten becomes available, for example because fewer than 2 kittens are being picked for breeding. Once the options have been divided for a litter, everyone has the option to meet the kittens to investigate which one could be a good match. People on the waiting list are the first ones that can schedule an appointment to meet the kittens for the first time.

How can I reserve a kitten?

If there is a clear match during the visit and the kitten is not being evaluated for breeding, the kitten can be reserved. After the people on the waiting list have reserved their kitten, other interested parties can reserve the remaining kittens if it appears to be a suitable match.

Several kittens may be "under evaluation" to observe development and see which kitten is best suited for breeding. Cat fanciers on the waiting list may have to wait a while until they know which kittens are available for them to reserve. This choice is made between 9-13 weeks.

We think it is important that a kitten's character matches well with the new family and with the existing relatives. To make a good match, it sometimes takes time to observe how the kitten's character develops and how it interacts with the family. It often takes two visits to get a good feel for which kittens are the best fit. We ask for patience from families, but we work very carefully so that you get the kitten that really suits you and that you like. After all, it is a choice that you will hopefully enjoy for a long time! If there is no suitable match, you have the option to get on the waiting list for the next litter.

A reservation is a non-binding verbal agreement. If you change your mind and want to opt out, you can always do so. We only place kittens that are 100% wanted and welcome, and do not want people to take a kitten out of financial obligation. For that reason we do not require a down payment. In the interest of the kittens, Cattery Macadamia can also decide to cancel a reservation, which rarely happens.

When can we meet the kittens?​

New photos of the kittens are posted on the website and Facebook page every 2 weeks. In the meantime, people on the waiting list receive regular updates via WhatsApp with photos and videos of the kittens, so they can enjoy the experience. When the kittens are about 8 weeks old and everything is going well, the people on the waiting list can meet the kittens. Take your time to see if there is a connection with a kitten. Often no choice is made during the first visit, but you get a first impression and you can express your preference if you have developed one. The differences in characters are already globally visible and will become even clearer in the coming weeks. It is usually possible to visit the kittens every 2 weeks, if this fits into the agenda's. We recommend visiting the kittens 2-4 times, if possible.

What is the price of a kitten?

Since 2021, prices for food, veterinary costs, health tests and supplies have risen significantly. The price of a kitten has risen accordingly. Prices nowadays are usually between 950 and 1,200 euros. Cattery Macadamia charges a competitive price, but we try to be as low as possible in this price range. We are not looking for profit, but try to keep our hobby affordable by recollecting a large part of the costs through the sale of the kittens. After years of breeding, money still needs to be added out of pocked annually.

Can I breed a kitten?

Kittens for cat fanciers are contractually sold with a breeding ban. If you want to breed a kitten, you have the option to be a host family. Sometimes tomcats are placed with cat fanciers with the agreement that they can provide a few matings to females of Cattery Macadamia, or cats from befriended catteries designated by Cattery Macadamia. The male will be fully tested at the expense of Cattery Macadamia and you will receive a financial compensation for each successful mating. Please indicate when you are open to this.

If you have your own cattery, you can request a female or male for breeding. Other prices apply to breeders on request and there is a different purchase contract. We expect similar breeding objectives and ethics from the breeder as cattery Macadamia. We also expect you to do all tests for hereditary diseases (at least repeatedly HCM ultrasound, HD, PL and, if necessary, DNA test) of the breeding cat itself and of the future partners and future offspring used for breeding. We would like to find the cat's test results in PawPeds. Publishing this information contributes to the collection of transparent information about the breed and gives everyone the opportunity to monitor the health of the line.

For all the above options, this only happens when there is a lot of mutual trust and often a lot of time is spent to build this trust.

If you have any questions, please ask them via the contact form.

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