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DE* CoonielandEden's Nele

Black silver classic tabby white
MCO ns 09 22 

Amara is a black silver classic tabby with a white female. She was born on July 4, 2023 in Germany.

Amara came on our path unexpectedly and was so irresistible that we had to say YES. We picked her up near Berlin at the beginning of November 2023. She lives with my aunt and uncle in Haastrecht, where she has two other cat friends.  


Amara is a very intelligent kitty and is very athletic. She is crazy as hell which fits well within the nutty Macadamia family. She is very social and cuddly and likes to lie on your lap. She is also very easy to deal with. 


Amara carries solid but not dilution. She has 1 copy whitespotted. We don't know yet whether she is homozygous or heterozygous for silver.

Known genes: Aa BB DD I- mcmc Wsws

Test results:

This is a summary of Amara's test results. To view the full results, click on the "Test Results" button below.

HCM-1 MyBPC3-1 : N/N

PKdef DNA: N/N


HCM echo: to follow

PKD ultrasound: to follow 

Fiv: to follow

Felv: to follow

HD: to follow

PL: to follow

Blood group genotype N/N

The genetic diversity of Amara is 36%. View her total DNA results from Wisdompanel here.


  • Inbreeding: 11,4%

  • Clones: 31,4%

  • Top 5: 68,1%

  • Top 3: 52,4%

  • Top 2: 37,4% 


Amara's father Charlie comes from beautiful American and German (show) lines, with which we hope to add more of the original American type to our breeding program. Her mother Nalani comes partly from very old German lines with a particularly beautiful great-grandfather from the '90s. Amara is the only offspring that will hopefully continue Nalani's line. Despite the fact that many show cats are in her ancestors and there is no new foundation in her line, Amara's inbreeding (11.4%) is still well below the average of the Maine Coon (15%). We thank Sylvia and her husband from cattery Coonieland Eden for entrusting Amara to us.

Amara 10 maanden

Amara 10 maanden

Amara 9 maanden

Amara 9 maanden

Amara 7 maanden

Amara 7 maanden

Amara 5 maanden

Amara 5 maanden

Amara 5 maanden

Amara 5 maanden

Amara 12 weken

Amara 12 weken

Amara 12 weken

Amara 12 weken


Nalani (mother)

Nalani is a beautiful, solidly built cat with a beautiful silver coat.



Charlie comes all the way from San Diego, USA. He is a very sweet male with a beautiful pedigree.

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