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Hattische goden nest

Totally Nuts

Our Maine Coons are crazy. Not a little bit, no they are totally nuts. That is why they are such a joy to have them in your live.

We are talking about five amazing girls and one boy here: Vanilla, Néroli, Indy, Kybele., Chelly and Becker. 

Vanilla is so vain. Her coat is in perfect condition, she makes sure it is. She find it also important that others have a great hairstyle and she gladly helps with that. When you pay her a visit you get a special seat where she can wash your hair and helps to style it. She also likes to help in the household. Especially with the laundry it is of upmost important that everything is shining white, just like her. When the staff as the laundry out to dry, she will personally take care of a shining white Vanilla-touch to it!

Then we have Néroli who has a toe addiction. She follows your bare feet to lick your toes. Néroli love to have many cats around and is always in for some fun and play. She has a lot of energy and is only quiet when she sleeps. She dives onto her girlfriends and challenge them on playing tag. 

We have Indy, who is a crazy clown. She follow you like a shadow thinking she is your personal bodyguard. She only needs a pair of sunglasses and an earpiece to complete her character. When you play with her she seems a bit clumsy, but do not underestimate her! Unexpectedly she can make unbelievable high jumps, like a real acrobat.

Our second black diva is our Kybele. She is our first breedingcat that was born with us. She's Indy's daughter. Almost impossible but it seems that she turns out to be even crazier then her mom. She has such a lovely character. Social, naughty, enterprising and tolerant. She just claimed her spot at the cattery, we had nothing to say. She looks a lot like her mom, she inherited her beautiful profile and character. 

Our black smoke cutiepie is Chelly. She is a female that we kept from our second litter that was born with us. Chelly is Néroli's daughter. She is a fearless social girl that is very naughty at times. She enjoys chasing other cats and jumps around the house or garden just like her mom. Chelly has a nice pedigree, wonderful temper and good looks.

We also have our own male Becker, who I picked up from Sweden. He is our future dad for some of our next litters. Becker is the sweetest thing. His crazynes shows while playing with the other cats. Around humans he is super flexible and easy.

This is a short introduction of our sweet pets who also happen to be our breeding cats (not all of them). We have a small cattery with a litter once in a while. By getting mini Macadamia's, we hope to give others the same joy and laughter in live as they give us. Apart from their character we also try our very best to breed responsibly. Before deciding to breed with a cat we want to make sure to add value to the breed, by testing our cats, participating at the Health program and by keeping inbreeding low and generic variation high.

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