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At June 3rd 2020 Chelly delivered her first litter. Eight kittens were born into this world within two hours. Unfortunately these kittens were premature, born on the 55th day of her pregnancy. Their chances of survival were minimal. Three kittens died within one hour after birth. The other five fought for a chance, but had to gave up their battle during the first two days. Despite of their short life, they have made a deep impression and they also deserve a name and a place on this website. Rest in peace little dragons. Forever in our heart.

Dragon litter †

Chelly's Dragons

Saphira of Macadamia

Saphira of Macadamia

Black smoke with white

Female, 72 gram

Small girl with a big attitude. She looks like her mother. Small but fierce and with a strong will. I recognized her by her voice. I had so much hope for you. Brave warrior Saphira lived the longest for 2 whole days. Rest in peace little one.


Falkor of Macadamia

Black smoke with white

Male, 80 gram

My heaviest and strongest boy. He had a low voice and was motivated by his sister Saphira to fight extra hard. I had so much hope for him as he was doing so well. This was an unfair fight and eventually he had to gave up and find peace. Rest in peace Falkor.


Griffin of Macadamia

Black and white

Male, 78 gram

By brave boy who fought so hard and long. I called him "little cow" because of his black and white pattern and white tail tip. Rest in peace my dear Griffin.


Amaru of Macadamia

Black smoke with white

Female, 72 gram

She was a gentle sweet little dragon. She was constantly sucking her thumb comforting herself. Amaru was a great warrior but in silence, I never heard her voice. Rest in peace sweet Amaru.


Drogon of Macadamia

Black and white

Male, 76 gram

I recognized Drogon on his small white spot on his face. A very proud little boy who gave up his fight when I wasn't watching. As if he didn't want me to witness it. Rest in peace brave Drogon.


Kreston of Macadamia

Black smoke with white

Male, 74 gram

Kreston has lived for one hour before he decided to get his peace. Rest in peace sweet boy.


Hydra or Macadamia

Black smoke with white

Female, 74 gram

Hydra decided soon after birth that this fight was unfair and she left us within an hour. Rest in peace pretty lady.


Mushu of Macadamia

Black smoke with white

Female, 74 gram

Mushu was the first born. She didn't want to breath and died right after birth. Rest in peace sweet Mushi.

Mom Chelly

Chelly is a small female with the temperament of a big dragon. She is very social, naughty and very present. We experience her dragon pranks on a daily basis. Chelly has a big personality and is very caring. 


Dad Becker

Becker is a supersweet guy and a real gentleman. He is very cuddly and not dominant. I couldn't wish for a more sweet boy than him.

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