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SE* Dagdrivarn BoomBoomBecker F5

Black silver tabby (blotched) with white
MCO ns 09 22

Becker is a black silver blotched tabby with white. He is born in Sweden on March 18, 2019. I picked him up and brought him to the Netherlands at July 12, 2019. He lives with my sister and her 3 other cats (Taru of Macadamia, Miraculous Boone of Macadamia and a domestic cat Simba). Becker has sired a few litters and is retired. We kept two daughters and a son for further breeding plans.


Becker is a supersweet, gentle guy that is very social. He makes new friends easily, no matter if they are a cat or human. His engine is turned on immediately after petting him. He is very friendly and confident. His bestie Taru is very attached to him. Becker loves bellyrubs, he lays down on his back to ask for more bellyrubs and during them he will cycle his paws in the air out of pleasure.



Becker doesn't carry dilution. He is heterozygote for agouti and heterozygote for silver. 

Known genes: Aa BB DD Ii mcmc oy


This is a summary of Becker's testresults. To see the actual testresults, click on the button "Testresults" below.

  • HCM-1 MyBPC3-1 DNA: N/N (mycatdna, Feb. 5, 2020)

  • PKdef DNA:N/N (mycatdna, Feb. 5, 2020)

  • SMA DNA: N/N (mycatdna, Feb. 5, 2020)

  • HCM echo: normal (February 18, 2020 by specialist Niek Beijerink)

  • PKD echo: normal (February 18, 2020 by specialist Niek Beijerink)

  • Fiv: negative (21-2-2020)

  • Felv: negative (21-2-2020)

  • HD: normal on both sides (21-2-2020), evaluated by Elisabeth Ball (Pawpeds)

  • PL: normal (21-2-2020, vet. Drs. K.W. Rosenveldt)

  • Bloodtype genotype: N/b (mycatdna, Feb. 5, 2020)







Becker has a high genetic diversity of 38%. A high genetic diversity gives a higher chance of having healthy offspring with a strong immunesystem. You can find his complete public DNA profile at his mycatdna testresult page.


  • Inbreeding (total COI%): 3,75%

  • Clones: 16,7%

  • Top 5: 42,5%

  • Top 3: 32%

  • Top 2: 22,1% 


Becker is born at Cattery Dagdrivarn in Sweden. Her mother is Dagdrivarn Extra Evalia, een nicely typed lady with low clones. His father is the pretty ticked silver guy Coonieland Eden's Chester. Becker is an F5 male (5th generation New Foundation).


Evalia (mother)

Evalia is well-typed lady with only 10,6% clones. She is a F4 (New Foundation) female from diverse lines with great ancestors. She is born in Sweden with cattery Dagdrivarn. Her genetic diversity is 38,6%


Chester (father)

Chester is a sweet boy with a soft expression. He is born in Germany with cattery Coonieland Eden and lives in Sweden with cattery Dagdrivarn. He is a F6 (New Foundation) kater. His genetic diversity is 36,5%.

Becker 5 jaar

Becker 5 jaar

Becker 5 jaar

Becker 5 jaar

Becker 5 jaar

Becker 5 jaar



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