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1 jaar en 3 maanden



1 jaar en 3 maanden

Boone 5 mnd

Boone 5 mnd

Boone 5 mnd

Boone 5 mnd





NL* Miraculous Boone of Macadamia

Black Silver tabby (blotched) with white

MCO ns 09 22

Boone is black silver blotched tabby with white. He was born on January 16, 2021 in our cattery. He lives with my sister and his father Becker and with 2 other males (Taru or Macadamia and housecat Simba).



Boone is very social and curious meeting new people. As father and son, he and Becker are very close and are very attached to each other. He gets along well with any cat and is a true connector just like his mother! If there is a disagreement between the other cats, Boone will calm it down and change the atmosphere in no time. Boone is a confident gentle guy.  


Boone was born in our cattery. His sire is our Swedish Dagdrivarn BoomBoomBecker (F5) and his dam is our Chelles of Macadamia (F5/5th generation New Foundation).​

Mom Chelly

Chelly is a social and characteristic lady. Very charming and convincing. She is a real connector and likes crowds and action. She is an F5 (New Foundation) female from varied lines with great ancestors. She was born in our cattery. Her genetic diversity is 39.2%

Dad Becker

Becker is a real softie, very gentle and social. He was born in Sweden at cattery Dagdrivarn but lives in the Netherlands with his son Boone. Its genetic diversity is 38%.


Boone does not carry dilution. He carries solid. He has one copy of whitespotted and silver.

Known genes: Aa BB DD Ii mcmc oy  

Test results:

This is a summary of Boone's test results.  

  • HCM-1 MyBPC3-1 DNA: N/N (MycatDNA)

  • PKdef DNA: N/N (MycatDNA)

  • SMA DNA: N/N (MycatDNA)

  • HCM echo: normal (February 14, 2023, December 21, 2021 by Niek Beijerink)

  • Fiv: negative (7-2-2022, Idexx Elisa test)

  • Felv: negative (7-2-2022, Idexx Elisa test)

  • HD: left and right normal (4-2-2022, evaluated by Elisabeth Ball, PawPeds)

  • PL: normal both sides (4-2-2022, evaluated by Drs. K.W. Rosenveldt)

  • Blood group: N/N (Bloodtype A or AB)  (MyCatDNA)

Boone has a genetic diversity of 38% (via MyCatDNA). A high genetic diversity is conducive to having healthy offspring with a strong immune system. See this page for his full DNA test results.
















  • Inbreeding (total): 3.82%

  • Clones: 16.7%

  • Top 5: 38.3%

  • Top 3: 29.3%

  • Top 2: 20.6% 

Boone gendiv.png
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