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  • Debbie Sprenger

New DNA test at MyCatDNA

In 2018 a new DNA test was launched by Genoscoper. It can be ordered at (Breeders from the US can order at Optimal Selection.) In this article I will explain all about this test, its contents and how it works.


This test already exists for dogs (mydogdna), but it wasn't available for cats. Breeder Anne M. Berge contacted the lab Genoscoper in 2016 to ask if they can develop a similar DNA for cats. A year later Genoscoper contacted her to ask input about the content of such DNA test. They developed a DNA test for cats and asked breeders from different breeds to set up a test group of 20+ cats to try it out. Their results were used for further development and fine-tuning of the test. In 2017 Tica has started a bigger pilot where 1000+ cats from different breeds were tested. The results are published here. Eventually the final test was launched in 2018 and can be ordered now by everyone through their website.

What do the test results look like?


This test is innovative compared with other labs that offer DNA tests. Below you can get a picture what the summery of the results look like, showing all the different categories. Every breed has its own characteristics that is tested on.


The DNA test contains up-to-date DNA tests for every breed, containing hereditary disorders that can be tested. A distinction is made between relevant hereditary disorders that are validated for your breed (1), possible new relevant inherited disorders (2) and finally the disorders that are validated for other breeds (3). This last category is not shown by default because they are not relevant for your cat.

Blood type