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Galatian rivers litter

On Friday, November 24, 2023, Indy became the mother of 7 kittens. The father is Songaa, and it is our first litter from him. The kittens were born within 3 hours and the delivery went very smoothly. Indy has had a long break of over 2 years and can now finally do what she loves most: mothering! She is a fantastic, devoted mother.

After the Hattian, Hittites and Prygian where Indy's previous litters were named after, it is now the turn of the Galatians. These people lived in the same area of Central Anatolia, in the 3rd century BC. These people descends from the Celts. The element of this litter is water, so the theme had to be the Galatian rivers.


The kittens will come from a very nice combination. The mother comes from old Dutch lines that you don't see much and the father comes from very special New Foundation lines from France. This is an outcross combination as the clones are lower than 20%. 

Total inbreeding coefficient = 4.07% (0.135% in the last 10 generations)

Clones = 19.7%

Top 5 = 44.9%

Top 3 = 34.6%

Top 2 = 24.4%

Cydnus of Macadamia

Nickname: Cyd

Gender: Male

Color: MCO n 09 22 / Black tabby with white

Birth weight: 132 grams

Status: Reserved

Sarus of Macadamia

Nickname: Saartje

Gender: Female

Color: MCO ns / Black smoke

Birth weight: 100 grams

Status: Reserved

Lycus of Macadamia

Nickname: Lieke

Gender: Female

Color: MCO n 09 / Black with white

Birth weight: 130 grams

Status: Reserved

Siberis of Macadamia

Nickname: Sieb

Gender: Male

Color: MCO ns  / Black smoke

Birth weight: 110 grams

Status: Reserved

Kappadox of Macadamia

Nickname: Kappa

Gender: Male

Color: MCO ns / Black smoke

Birth weight: 110 grams

Status: Reserved

Pyramos or Macadamia

Nickname: Pyr

Gender: Male

Color: MCO n 09 / Black with white

Birth weight: 122 grams

Status: Reserved

 Parthenius of Macadamia

Nickname: Panther


Gender: Poes

Color: MCO n / Zwart

Birth weight: 118 gram

Status: Reserved

Explanation status
  • Available: you can put an option on me or make reservations when you are certain.

  • In option: someone is interested and has some time to think about reserving me. You can still show your interest as I can become available again soon.

  • Reserved: I have found my new staff and I can move to my new home when I am old enough

  • In evaluation: I might got to stay with my mom or at another cattery. You can still show your interest as I can become available again soon.

  • Stays in the cattery: I got to stay with mom!

Voor more information and updates about this litter, you can check our Facebookpage.

Mama Indy

Indy is a wonderful caring mom. She is very social and likes to sit on your lap and follows you everywhere. Indy is a real acrobat and has a strong will. 
Indy comes from Dutch lines, she is the foundation mother of the cattery.

One Direction's Indiana Jones Yang

Papa Songaa

Songaa is a social people-oriented male. He is very confident and easy going.

Songaa comes from France and is an F5 from new foundation lines.

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