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French rivers litter

The new year starts with a new litter. On January 2, 2022, Néroli gave birth to the French river nest. We have 3 females and 1 male. Yonne and Yser were born on January 3rd.

Below we present them to you in order of birth.

The photo series is constantly updated so that you can follow their development. The kittens can be reserved from 7 weeks (kittens in evaluation there may take a few weeks longer). Visits are possible from the time the kittens are 5 weeks old.

The kittens are named after French rivers. They have a nice outcross pedigree with low inbreeding.

Pedigree kittens:
  • Inbreeding: 5.56%

  • Clones: 20.6%

  • Top 5: 48.9%

  • Top 3: 37.4%

  • Top 2: 25.8%

Lot of Macadamia

Nickname: Lotje

Gender: Female

Colour: MCO ns 09 / Black smoke with white

Status: Reserved

Mayenne of Macadamia

Nickname: May

Gender: Female

Color: MCO ns 22 / Black silver (shaded?) tabby


Status: Reserved

Yonne of Macadamia

Nickname: Yonne


Gender: Female

Color: MCO ns 09 22/ Black silver (shaded?) tabby with white

Status: Stays in the cattery  

Yser of Macadamia

Nickname: Yser

Gender: Male

Color: MCO ns  / black smoke


Status: Reserved

Explanation status
  • Available: you can put an option on me or make reservations when you are certain.

  • In option: someone is interested and has some time to think about reserving me. You can still show your interest as I can become available again soon.

  • Reserved: I have found my new staff and I can move to my new home when I am old enough

  • In evaluation: I might got to stay with my mom or at another cattery. You can still show your interest as I can become available again soon.

  • Stays in the cattery: I got to stay with mom!

Voor more information and updates about this litter, you can check our Facebookpage.

Mom Neroli

Néroli is a French lady and a very special girl. She is a devoted and relaxed mother. She comes from fully tested lines and has a nice pedigree. 


Dad Mio

Mio is a handsome Swedish male with beautiful lines. He is a sturdy, tough guy, very social and self-assured.

We thank Yannick and Nick from cattery Of Coons Heaven for making this combination possible


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