Update: unfortunately Kybele turned out not to be pregnant, so we don't expect kittens in January. In 2020 we will update the planning when we have more news.

In November Kybele of Macadamia & Brilthor Eoghan went on a date. When mother nature allows it, we will expect kittens mid January 2020 of these two lovers.

Possible colors of the kittens:

- black solid 

- black smoke

- blue solid 

- blue smoke

We don't know if Kybele carries dilution and can have blue kittens. Eoghan is heterozygous for silver and therefor the kittens can be with or without smoke.

Pedigree of the kittens:

- Total inbreeding: 8,4% (0,0% over the last 8 generations, 0,128% over 10 generations)

- Clones: 19,9%

- Top 5: 62,8%

The kittens will have a nice outcross pedigree with low inbreeding and clones %.


Both parents are tested on HD, PL, HCM by echo, PKD by echo en Fiv/Felv. Eoghan is DNA tested op HCM1, SMA en PK-def. Kybele is DNA N/N (negative) through her parents on HCM1, SMA en PK-def.

The testresults of Kybele are published at this photo-album.

The testresultats of Eoghan are published at this page.

We thank cattery Ashamta for making this combination possible.

In the spring/summer 2020 we will plan 1-2 matings with our own male Becker. That is if he passes his healthtests and if mother nature doesn't have a mind of her own. We plan to mate him with one or two of our females.

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