Kybele of Macadamia

Black Solid


Kybele is a Black solid female. She is born at May 31, 2018 at our Cattery. She is our first breeding cat that was born here.


Kybele very social, high energy girl and a bit naughty like a kitten is supposed to be. She is raised with six brothers and therefor knows how to stand up for herself. She is such a sweet character and knows exactly what she wants. She has a lot of courage. At 10 weeks of age she easily make far jumps of 1,5 meter from the scratching post onto a hammock, letting her brothers only drop their jaws. She is best friends with Néroli who took care of her (next to her mom) from the day she was born. Kybele is just as fun and crazy as her mom. As our youngster she likes to be treated as a princess, throwing herself at Vanilla and Néroli for a bath. Only her mom doesn't like this spoilt attitude, she only washes her when she has time!

Kybele likes to play with spiral toys, giving them back to her staff to throw them again. When the staff members are not around, she just throws her toy from the stairs to catch it downstairs again.


Kybele is born at our cattery. Her mother is our own female Indy and the father is the stud Tiamo of cattery Ziluna. More information about this litter can be found at the page of the Hattian gods litter. Kybele is named after the goddess of fertility. We hope to have beautiful kittens from her in the future, just like her mom.


Kybele could carry dilution, we didn't test her on that.

Known genes: aa BB D- ii mcmc oo spsp tt ww


  • HCM-1 MyBPC3-1 DNA: negative as per parents (1 generation back)

  • PKdef DNA: negative as per parents (1 generation back)

  • SMA DNA: negative as per parents (1 generation back)

  • HCM echo: normal (Oct 15, 2019 - by cardiologist Niek Beijerink)

  • PKD echo: normal (Oct 15, 2019 - by cardiologist Niek Beijerink)

  • Fiv: negative

  • Felv: negative

  • HD: left side normal, right side grade 1 (X-ray taken at September 13, 2019 by orthopeed Dr. Thijs How, evaluated by Pawpeds specialist Per Eksell)

  • PL: normal (May, 2019 vet. Drs. K.W. Rosenveldt)

  • Bloodtype genotype N/N or N/b (A or AB)

The testresults are published on her testresults photoalbum.


  • Inbreeding: 10,8%

  • Clones: 26,3%

  • Top 5: 65,9%

  • Top 3: 50,2%

  • Top 2: 34,6% 

Mom Indy
Dad Tiamo

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